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BPC BI and Source system

Business Planning and Consolidation ( BPC) is a SAP module of budget management.

SAP BPC is a Web application which leans on the module SAP business intelligence ( BI ) to store the data, and of the plugin Excel Enterprise Performance Management ( EPM) for the data capture.

Obviously, a source system feeds BI.


1.Source System

In my example, BI is connected to the standard tables FM from the source system SAP ECC.


2.Business Intelligence

BI stores the data from the source system and keep them available to BPC.

The classic flows of BI allow to structure the data in models.

2.1.The storage in the DSO



2.2.The BPC Models

The DSO ( Datastore) stores the data then transformation files transfer the data up to the models. These transfers automate by process chains.

BPC models


2.3.BPC files

BPC files

There are 3 types of files :

  • the packages,
  • the transfromations,
  • the flat files.

A package create the association between the transformation and the flat file.

The transformation file makes link between the data of the flat file and those of the target structure (dimension or model).

The package allows in particular to update the dimension members or to inject data in models.

You can execute a package by using the UJD_TEST_PACKAGE program.


The use of the program UJD_TEST_PACKAGE in an environment of production is not recommended by SAP, however it is the only way(means) which exists today.


3.Business Planning & Consolidation

BPC and EPM is closely linked.

3.1.Enterprise Performance Management


EPM allows the users to enter their data with Excel, tool which they know well. They can generate Dashboards..

In EPM we build packages and we update the data repositories.

A tool of distribution allows to share dashboards.


3.2.BPC Web Application

BPC web application

It is the web interface that are set up the Businesses Process Flow (BPF).

A BPF is constituted by activities and activities by steps. The users follow the processes during the year.

It is in the Web application  that we set the authorizations, and we code the scripts logic (MDX) and we create cubes and dimensions.


4.The update of the BPC datas


In EPM, the user has 2 ways to update the data :

  • direct recording of the data entered on a mask,
  • using a calculation tool.



You can update a cube data from an MDX script but it is preferable to use the BAdIs for performance reasons..


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